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“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe.” ~ H.G. Wells
The Vision
To make the human heart visible in community worldwide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet.
Our Mission
To facilitate the person to move toward greater inner peace and fulfillment, by providing a transformational personal development curriculum, supported by coaching. We provide this service with love, worldwide over the Internet and in community.
Trans4mind stands as a landmark in the world of personal development, because it is being devised, presented and maintained by the power of love. Trans4mind intends to harness the limitless power of the Internet alongside workshops in local communities, in all the main world languages, to offer personal development education and training to every man, woman and young person that is specific to their life challenges. The purpose of this training is to bring joy and happiness to each individual and to develop and strengthen community worldwide.
The Network
The Trans4mind Network is an international network of websites in different languages that co-operate to deliver the Trans4mind vision and which use the Trans4mind brand and system of presentation.

In the Network each Trans4mind website is produced and managed by a Trans4mind Service Provider, working alone or when possible supported by one or more assistants whom the Trans4mind Service Provider has recruited over time to work with him or her in public service. These people work together to deliver personal development products and services, created with extraordinary care, brought to their site visitor using the Trans4mind brand and ethos.

The Founders
The original Trans4mind site for men and women,, was founded by Peter Shepherd (psychologist) in 1998. Supported by Nicole his wife (educationalist) and Wallace Huey (personal development trainer), together they have created the Trans4mind vision, brand, system, and network. Peter and Nicole live in France; Peter is Managing Director and Webmaster of Wallace Huey lives in Ireland and is Trans4mind Director of Training.

Online Service Providers
In addition to the long-running run by Peter Shepherd and Wallace Huey, Nicole Shepherd runs, Orsolya Riszt created in Hungarian, and CheolKi Yoo started in Korea. Peter Shepherd also runs a version of the Trans4mind site in English language intended for visitors from India.

ENGLISHGBPeter Shepherd & Wallace Huey
(for India)
GBPeter Shepherd
FRENCHFRNicole Shepherd

Service Providers Needed...
Service providers are currently being sought to build websites for all remaining languages. It is free to become a Trans4mind Service Provider; there is no payment for your services but you are free to retain any income your site produces. The work is primarily an act of loving service to further the Trans4mind vision of awakening the consciousness of humanity by harnessing the full potential of the Internet. The primary skills needed are: If you have these skills we invite your participation.

Our Goal is to Provide Services in all the Major World Languages...
Major Languages

Great Britain   Ireland   USA   Australia   New Zealand   Canada   Nigeria   Ghana   Zimbabwe   Guyana


Wallace Huey, Nicole Shepherd & Peter Shepherd Who is Peter Shepherd, founder and managing director of
Peter Shepherd (at far right) has earnestly travelled the path of personal growth all his life. As a child he studied Buddhism and found there a validation of each individual as a spark of the universal consciousness. There were meditative methods to help the person attain a higher level of that consciousness for themselves. However, he decided to both stay clear of organized religions and also to look for better ways of expanding consciousness that do not take lifetimes to achieve their goal.

He realized that inner gnosis - intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth - was the way to go, since fundamental truths are simple and graspable when we look inside to our intuitive understanding. What remained complex was the structure of mind, and the million and one ways that mind sneaks in to obscure or corrupt our natural insight.

Thus began a quest to understand the mind and the spirit and to find out how to master these things. He received training in Rational-Emotive psychology but also studied the 'transpersonal' dimension of consciousness, that which is beyond the Ego personality, as pioneered by Assagioli, Grof and others. He found these two divergent branches of psychology only really formed the full picture when combined as one. The everyday, rational and behavioral understandings of psychology were just as important as the more esoteric understandings to do with consciousness, and in fact each needed the other to provide a true and holistic picture of things.

He wrote the book Transforming the Mind which summarized his knowledge to date, and further developed the most effective methods he'd found to create a set of home study courses, accessible and beneficial to all. Moving to France, he began running the web site full time, to reach all those people who are looking for the same things he had searched so long for - and to be of service in the most valuable way he knew how.

As individuals, our being has several components: consciousness; mental processes; emotions; and the physical. One depends on the others. Even the layers of our brain - the cortex, limbic system and primitive/reptilian - correspond to our head, heart and gut. Each can do nothing much on its own.

PeterWe function in the world according to our programming. This software is in our minds and the hardware is our brain and nervous system. We are largely unaware that we can actually change this programming, switch one program for another, or actually to rise above the level of mind and write new programs for ourselves as the meta-programmer. We can do this as individuals and we can do this as humanity; it is our God-like spiritual nature. But first we have to come to terms with reality and point ourselves in the right direction… The Positive Approach Course is the free online course Peter has developed for that purpose.

Peter comments: "Because we are each such different individuals, with personal goals and at different stages on our various paths, we at Trans4mind have found there is no singular tool for transformation, there are many, and we've tried to select the very best ones for our web site. We trust that you will benefit immensely."

Peter's goal in life has been to break free of the consensus trance, to find instead his own truth and to help others find their own truth also. He declares his life purpose to be: "To contribute and maintain the services needed to help human beings consciously evolve toward a more loving, peaceful and just world." Toward this purpose, Peter manages the Network of Service Providers, offering Trans4mind sites in many world languages.

More about the life and views of Peter Shepherd at his Bio page.

Email Peter Shepherd | Find me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter. .

Wallace Who is Wallace Huey, manager of the Trans4mind Network?
Wallace entered the architecture profession in 1983, working in the profession until he turned 30 years of age. He then set up a small management training business in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he lived. Success eluded him, because he experienced two mental breakdowns due to the resurfacing of an illness he first experienced when 23.

There followed a decade of extreme mental torment from which he emerged a transformed human being. After working for a period for an international charity as a volunteer, he went back to the world of management, this time as a self-employed consultant. In 2000, after a profound spiritual awakening, he wrote his book, Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, a poetic manual that takes the hand of the reader and gently guides them toward a powerful dependency on inner guidance. While writing the book he courted and married his soul mate Carolyn and moved to Dublin, where he now lives. In Dublin Wallace worked as a personal development trainer, but realized he had insufficient energy to carry on with his public speaking engagements, due to his mental condition. Feeling at a dead end, Wallace turned within for guidance and received powerful inspiration to work voluntarily as a Heart to Heart coach on an Internet magazine, being immediately guided toward Peter Shepherd and the weekly emagazine.

Peter accepted Wallace's offer to coach online straight away and, after a number of months, Wallace and Peter began to develop the Heart to Heart service and the Trans4mind website together. Today, Wallace partners with Peter on development work for the whole Trans4mind site and its future plans. Recently, after a marked improvement in Wallace's health, he has felt inspired to return to public speaking in his role as an inspirational speaker, introducing the public to a more tranquil way of life through Trans4mind Training workshops at Dublin. Wallace is Director of Training at Trans4mind and he developed the curriculum with Peter Shepherd. The future plans for Trans4mind Training are exciting - including a world-wide dimension - and you'll be hearing lots more.

What is the source of Wallace's inspiration?
Wallace is powerfully inspired to help others - a result of his compassion engendered by his own time of trial, the 10 years he spent experiencing mental anguish. His inspiration comes from within, delivered through inner guidance. At the core of his understanding is his heart to heart relationship with his spiritual mentor in India, the Avatar, Sai Baba. If you would like to know more about Wallace's life experiences and learn what led to his passion for coaching, you can read his book online at Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off, or you can read the articles he wrote about his relationship with his spiritual teacher - Love in Action and Expansion is Life, is Love.

Wallace has a five-fold mission:

  1. To provide the means for a vast untapped resource, the wisdom and compassion of ordinary men and women, to be offered to people facing life challenges.
  2. To offer personal development services which have love as their only source of inspiration.
  3. To express this freely offered love and wisdom in the form of innovative self-empowerment services, which stand as a landmark for personal development on the Internet.
  4. By these three means, to bring the personal into personal development on the Internet.
  5. Not to rest until, along with Peter Shepherd, he has brought personal development based on love, in every area of human endeavour to every region of the world, thus assisting the Trans4mind mission - To make the human heart visible in community worldwide by harnessing the full potential of the Internet.

You can find out more about Wallace by reading his online and paperback book at Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off. We need to face up to the challenges of life but where can we turn for support? Fortunately there is a great resource available at all times - our inner guidance. Wallace's book provides many personal examples of how inner guidance has proven invaluable, and his training courses teach each of us how to recognize and use this essential gift. Contact Wallace Huey here.

France   Canada   Madagascar   Reunion   Cote d'Ivoire   New Caledonia   Senegal   Mali   Niger   Zambia   Zaire   Mozambique


Nicole Who is Nicole Shepherd, the producer of Trans4mind in French?
Nicole has been director of centers for leisure and vacation for the last 17 years and has recently retired to devote her energies to the Trans4mind site. As an educator she applies the principles of personal development in her work with children. She believes that they need to learn how to learn, to know their emotions and be able to communicate with adults with confidence.

10 years ago she met Peter Shepherd as a student on his Insight Project course of spiritual development and soon discovered they share the same ideals and values. Indeed they share an unconditional love that has enlightened both of their lives. Peter moved to France and they married in 2003.

Now that Nicole is free to work more on the Trans4mind site, expect to see the French version advance rapidly. In addition, Nicole will be contributing her experience and expertise in the fields of education, parenting and relationships in the form of articles and eBooks, both in English and French. You can find out more about Nicole on the French website, and on her Bio page.

Contact Nicole Shepherd here.

Hungary   Vojvodina   Slovenia   Romania


Orsolya Who is Orsolya Riszt, producer of Trans4mind in Hungarian?
Orsolya Riszt lived a very intense and varied life, daring to be herself, which she enjoyed tremendously. She taught at the Technical University of Budapest and then moved to Italy with her family. However, some significant downturns in her life led to her developing some highly reactive ways of behaving and thinking. She was unable or unwilling to confront the reality of those situations. Fortunately, she discovered the value and power of personal development...

By learning to be focused, to live in the moment, to take responsibility for her actions and reactions, to handle and direct her thoughts and emotions - in short, through personal development - she dared to be herself again. And she is deeply convinced that anybody can make such a transformation. If an individual is just a little bit open to better his or her life, they will see that the help they need is available, in particular through the tools for transformation that Trans4mind presents. Now, thanks to Orsolya, in Hungarian too.

Note: Hungarian is an official language in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia and in parts of Slovenia. Hungarian is not an official language in Romania but it is spoken in parts of it.

You can find out more about Orsolya on her Hungarian website,

Contact Orsolya.



CheolKi Yoo

Who is CheolKi Yoo, the producer of Trans4mind in Korean?

CHEOLKI YOO, Ph.D. had taught English for about 16 years in high school, Incheon, Korea. He also worked as a part-time lecturer at Inha University, Seoul Thelogical University, and Sungkyul University from 2003 to 2013. At the same time, he engaged in an educational enterprise for several years.

While surfing the Internet, he found a new book written by Jack Canfield, "The Success Principles: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be." There were various principles for success and many programs and books such as leadership, coaching, and psychological counseling were introduced in the book. NLP stimulated his intellectual curiosity among many programs.

When he taught English in high school, he experienced that students could transform their attitudes and improve noticeably their grades only if they felt to be encouraged and respected by their teachers, parents, or classmates. Eureka! He found many useful contents in the NLP programs and went on to become a certified NLP Trainer & Consultant.

And then he published a book, "Experiencing Humanities through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; Happiness in the Daily Life." He decided to wake up the people's potential and founded the Human Excellence Development Institute (HEDI), Seoul, Korea. In 2017, it also led him to run the site, too.

He established the HEDI with the following philosophy and principles, upon which he will also run the site....

All human beings have their own excellence.
People have their own unique talents.
Everyone wants to have a better future than now.
People's lives depend on their own choice.
Everyone has their resources that achieve what they want to.
The best way to predict the future is to create it.
People can only do what they believe they can do.
Dreams come true.


Contact CheolKi by email.

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